Hi everyone! Auzzy is here!

Ever since I was 10 when I first stepped into my mother’s small Atelier in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan. Back then if someone told me the geographical span of all the places I’d get to live and visit till my 30, I’d hardly believe. Yet here I am – in New York City – in the city where my passions got nurtured as nowhere before. 

We all are different with our own unique life experience, tastes, strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, but what we all share in common is our aspiration for self-expression – that is to be liked by those around us while keeping our uniqueness.

Auzzy Style was created with a very specific vision in mind - to guide you through the journey of becoming the best version of you! It takes a lot more than looking great on the outside, it is rather about FEELING a better yourself. I call it “Life Styling”.  

Through encounters, both personal and professional, I got to notice that people found inspiration to live after engaging in sincere conversation., when they could express themselves and when there is someone who would take sincere interest in. I believe my mission has always been to help people wake up to joy, find purpose and enjoyment in their lives and to discover their inner beauty and spiritual harmony through fashion, for fashion is self-expression without words.

So allow me to offer my knowledge of fashion, genuine love and desire to help.