-       Fashion Image & Styling @ Istituto Marangoni. Milan, Italy
-       Fashion Advertising @ Australian Institute of Creative Designs (AICD). Brisbane
-       Fashion Design @ Istituto Marangoni. Milan, Italy
-       Fashion photography, Moscow, Russia
-       Studio photography, Baku, Azerbaijan

My name is Arzu Huseynova, also known as Auzzy. My company, Auzzy Style, was created with a very specific vision in mind. My vision is to guide you on the journey of becoming the best version of you! This is not simply accomplished by helping you look great on the outside, but by actually helping you to feel and be the greatest version of you! I call it “Life Styling”.  I am a fashion designer and personal fashion consultant in LA. 

For as long as I can remember inspiring people and fashion have been my passions. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan and raised in Kamchatka, Russia, I’ve been able to experience life and culture as I’ve traveled the world living in different countries before settling in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, I spent a considerable amount of time in an Atelier where my mother worked and I picked up sewing at the age of 10. I later studied Social Services and Psychology at Kamchatka State University followed an extensive fashion education at institutions across the world.

I began working as a Fashion Designer followed by Fashion Editor in magazine before opening my own publication in 2012 titled Hipster Magazine where I served as Editor-in-Chief. Through encounters, both personal and professional, I began to notice strangers found inspiration to live after engaging in sincere conversation. I believe my mission has always been to help people wake up to joy, find purpose and enjoyment in their lives and to discover their inner beauty and spiritual harmony. I am absolutely convinced that it could be achieved through fashion. 

 Clients have felt completely renewed and find that they can no longer return to their previous look.

So prepare yourself and allow me to offer my knowledge of fashion, genuine love and desire to help.