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I want to introduce you to Jake Dameshek. Jake was diagnosed with late onset Autism at two years old.  Jake had already hit all his critical milestones, he was talking, walking and in fact ahead of schedule compared to that of his fraternal twin. Then a few weeks before his second birthday, we noticed that he had regressed. He was no longer responding to his name, and he had completely withdrawn from his twin and family around him. Within 6 weeks all language disappeared and Jake had been reduced to an eight month old baby level. 

His fraternal twin Sam was his hero and his protector on the playground. As Jake grew and matured there were several things we discovered. He had what was called splinter skills. His memory in specific areas of interest — music, theatre, movies, superheroes — was astounding! His knowledge about any of his favorite things, such as "Phantom of The Opera," Phil Collins, or the band Queen, was encyclopedic. He also loved to play music! He played Piano, Drums, and he loved to sing and dance. He was combination of Peter Pan and Forest Gump in his innocence, simplicity and beauty.  Socially he was still very shy and depended on his brother to facilitate friendships and interactions. 

Now Jake is Dreaming about studying in UCLA's Pathway Program and he needs your help. There is no small contribution in the DREAM. Every single dime counts. His full Story is Here: 

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Arzu Huseynova