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Nikita Wang, 20 years old diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, dreams of becoming a model. She is studying psychology at East LA Community College. Nikita plans to pursue a degree in mental health counseling. When she is not in school, she participates in adaptive sports ranging from surfing, cycling, swimming, soccer to basketball. 

For a long time she was told by doctors, teachers and therapists that she won't be able to do anything, she disagreed so did we. 

Nikita proved, you CAN do anything if you Dare to dream. Life will bring you people who will support you, all you need, is to believe and know that you are capable of more than you think. 

I and Polina Kratova  collaborated to help Nikita with the first step in her modeling career by organizing a professional photo shoot. 

Nikita wore red carpet gowns made by me for her. Talented makeup artist Tatiana Kazak, was working on Nikita’s appearance at the stage. High fashion photographer Sana Nodelman brought her keen eye to capture Nikita`s modeling debut. It was also shown on ABC7 news.

The photo shoot took place in LA Landmark, Historical French Chateau in Koreatown, provided for free by Molly Morse. Molly has been caring for her mother Jill Morse Lane challenged with the same diagnosis for over nine years.

The ultimate goal of project is to help Nikita build a portfolio that she can send to agencies and get noticed. But, more importantly, the #DareToDream team’s goal is to prove that Nikita can become a model no matter what obstacles stand in her way and share Nikita' courage, beauty and passion with the world. By doing this Nikita Wang wanted to show the importance of believing in yourself and including all people, of celebrating each human being’s uniqueness and their own beauty.

Ultimately, through this and other collaborations in the future, the #DareToDream team wants not merely to help with Nikita’s and other kids wish, but also to encourage all human beings to dream big and share their dreams with the world.

Date: June 25th 2017

Event: Photo Shoot for Nikita Wang, 20-year old girl diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, in LA Landmark, Historical French Chateau in Koreatown

Location: 339 South Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Photo Credit: Sana Nodelman

Backstage from big day. Photo Credit Alexandra Fedotova

Arzu Huseynova