Stylist Services

Stylist Services

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Everyone has a style.  It’s either a statement about who you are or something that shaped chaotically by itself. Style is the image of ourselves that we present to the world. Whatever the challenges are, I am fully trained and highly experienced to bring you the best. 
Starting from improving makeup and hairstyle to choosing the perfect pair of shoes, your needs will be met with your personal wishes and goals in mind. We will be playing to win. 
Boost your confidence and rediscover your inner beauty with the professional help provided by me and my team of beauty experts. 

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*Prices do not include shopping expenses, taxes, or hair stylist services

Here is what we will do during our one-on-one styling day:
1. 30 Minutes – I will meet you at your place to discuss your needs and budget.
2. 1 Hour and 30 Minutes – We’ll go over your current wardrobe and identify what’s missing.
3. 3 Hours of Shopping – I will take you to the trendiest shops out there, carefully taking into consideration your current budget.
If you don’t have enough time, no problem! – I will do the shopping for you.  

Want to feel like a princess and receive VIP treatment? 
Tired of futile shopping endeavors on your own?  
If you feel that your wardrobe needs a massive revamp and don’t know where to start, you are in the right place.
By picking the VIP option you’ll receive full 2 days of styling experience with me after which, have no doubt, you will totally feel like a princess.
Here are the things we will do during our VIP image reload:

Day 1:
1 Hour – Meeting at your place to discuss your needs and budget.
2 Hours – Go over your wardrobe and ‘shop your own closet’.
We will organize your wardrobe in a way that will provide you with several basic outfits, suitable for different occasions, including work, casual and nightlife.
30 Minutes – Discuss the shopping venue and schedule time and date.

Day 2:
1. I will pick up and drop you back at your place.
2. 4 Hours – We’ll have an amazing day of shopping together, fitting your needs and budget.
If you are too busy, no worries! – I’ll do the shopping for you and meet you at your place to try out the new clothes.